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Aloha, CUDIVING is a small family run scuba diving business that differs from other shops on the Island. We do personal dive charters for every group, your party plus the instructor. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single diver or a big family. This way you can relax knowing you have all of the instructor’s 100% personal attention. Whether you are a seasoned diver or a beginner, this ratio makes it a lot of fun, and safe. We do most of our dives off a boat on the southeast side of Oahu close to Hanauma bay. However, depending on seasons and conditions, we may change the diving locations, safety and fun is our main concern.

CU diving was started by diving enthusiasts CJ McCormick who just wanted to be in the water every day. He moved out to Hawaii in 2001 with the United States Navy and was a Search and Rescue Swimmer; he fell in love with the surfing, diving, the all around Hawaiian way of life. CJ has been instructing Scuba diving every since he left the Navy and got tired of the crowded trips he was taking trying to accommodate everyone. Now, with CU diving it this gives him a way to make an unforgettable underwater adventure for his divers. When he is not underwater he is on top, you can find him surfing the waves of the North Shore, or playing with his dog.

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